THE HAPPY ISLAND by Darwin Teilhet


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The destructive application of military skills to civilian life is portrayed here as mass mind conditioning is put into practice on an Hawaiian island. Park Mattison is hired by Tothic, whose enterprises, in exporting pineapple and running a resort, depend on the docility of his workers, to use war tactics in camouflaging newspaper, radio, labor and sports for the benefit of the company. Park, setting up a task force, remains incognito as a penniless painter, finds his work receiving acclaim through art-purveying Sherman, who hates the top-dog whites; learns that half-caste Laina has claimed his love as well as his passion; is set for a five- year contract. But the situation falls apart, Tothic runs out and a civilized man, of good will and deep belief, through his wife dynamites Park's control. In escaping the violence that follows the scandal of disclosure, Park and Laina are killed. In the loused up lives, the indifference to human hurt and decency, this may recall wilder's Wait For Tomorrow (Putnam, P. 71); in the perversion of modern techniques for business purposes it has an original slant.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1950
Publisher: William Sloane