ON THE WAY UP: What It's Like in the Minor Leagues by Dave Klein

ON THE WAY UP: What It's Like in the Minor Leagues

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You know how good things will be in the majors, and you know how things are in the minors, and there is simply no comparison. You do whatever is necessary to reach the big leagues."" Jon Matlack and nine other major league stars recall their days in the minors, memories almost universally bleak with fourteen-hour bus rides, pitted fields, three-dollar-a-day meal allowances, boredom, and loneliness. Yet of the players interviewed here, most hold an unquestioning allegiance to the school of hard knocks and believe with Bud Harrelson that the farm system is the right way to learn the game. Klein doesn't question the system either, or even explain its overall setup, but the images evoked here strongly suggest baseball organizations' similarities to big corporations. Not as balanced or as complete a report as Lyttle's 1975 A Year in the Minors, but the biographical approach covers different ground. Note: aspiring major leaguers have a one-in-twenty chance according to Lyttle, only one in four hundred if they believe Klein.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Messner