You Want MORE? Here's How To Get It! by Dave Roseman

You Want MORE? Here's How To Get It!

Money, Opportunity, Respect, Everyday Success
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A former CIA official shares his persuasion and negotiation tips in this debut self-help guide. 

Money, opportunity, respect, and everyday success: Roseman intends to help readers achieve all these objectives, which together spell the acronym featured in his title: “MORE.” Throughout his book, he draws on expertise from his two decades working for the Central Intelligence Agency; there, his responsibilities included making sure that “individuals or organizations or governments…could easily get more of what they wanted, or reach whatever goals they needed to achieve.” In the first chapter, he emphasizes that the essential first step is never to view “the other side” as one’s enemy, since this leads to “entering the zone of confrontation instead of resolution.” He then recalls how this advice factored into recruiting informants for the CIA. In the following 14 chapters, he outlines additional tips, such as to identify, acknowledge, and ideally agree to the one thing the other side wants; to never lose one’s temper; to perform and then act on research; to use humor, when appropriate; and to escalate strategically and “pay attention to reactions of the other side.” He provides several anecdotes of how his strategies worked in his agency activities, such as when he respected a warlord’s concern about losing face. He also offers many more examples from his everyday life, such as when he bought a car or convinced a relative’s cranky landlord to do repairs. Roseman’s references to his CIA days are, perhaps necessarily, a bit murky, which may leave one wondering about the specific role he played on the world stage. The agency anecdotes also sit rather oddly alongside more mundane examples, such as when the author convinced a cable operator to perform an emergency installation in his home. Still, he certainly demonstrates how his advice can have practical applications, and his “key idea” summaries at the end of each chapter are helpful.    

A succinct primer on “covert” behaviors that one may adopt for successful resolutions in life. 

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