CARIBBEAN CAVALIER by Davenport Steward


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A one-man army is Keith Hampton whose self imposed mission is to find his brother in the colony of Georgia in the New World after 7 years as a mercenary in the East India Company's military force in Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. There is escape from the Spaniards en route to Kingston; there is Gail Harper, engaged to another, who captures his heart; there is the vicious enmity of de Olid, won while he is a prisoner in Havana's Morro Castle; there is escape, with the merchant Thornton, to an English privateer -- and Thornton's daughter, Lacey, when they reach the colony. The pursuit of the Spanish and Governor Oglethorpe's determination to drive them from the land wanted by England sends him back to Trinidad and Gail -- who is now married, returns him to marry Lacey and once again to join Oglethorpe to fight for the debatable ground of Florida.....and to settle his score with de Olid, to see his new country assured. Nimble history haunting.

Publisher: Dutton