THEY HAD A GLORY by Davenport Steward


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An historical novel which manages a routine efficiency for a story of a group migration from 18th century Charles Town to the free land to be had in ""Kaintuck"". And while one may not long remember the characters involved, one can muster an acceptance of them as one reads. Heading the band is a Baptist minister, some of whose flock have joined the pilgrimage. There's Munro Dunbar, a demobilized soldier who seeks new land because he was swindled out of his, and Alison Kent, who is fleeing from a swinish husband -- and romance which blossoms between them. There are two sinister characters who betray them all and bring the Indians upon them -- and quite a holocaust it is.... Standardized adventure, with period props, for a current circulation which is chiefly rental.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1952
Publisher: Tupper & Love