THE ENGLISH by David & Antony Jay Frost


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Messrs, Frost and Jay (both contributors to major British publications, and Jay's Management and Machiavelli will also appear at about this time) provide a gently critical perspective of their tight little island, not really mod, just modified. The Englishman with his ""egalitarian soul and class conscious mind"" is still clutching his traditional prejudices and snobberies: he may even be infra-digging his own grave. Classlessness is an illusion, and the system of caste is still reflected in the law (crime is committed by the lower classes), in education (70% leave school at fifteen), in industrialism (the tycoon is still socially undesirable) etc. Then there's sin and sex but the English continue to find ""puritanism pleasant and pleasure Puritanical""; women, they shouldn't be working or driving cars; doctors (the new priesthood), advertising, government, politics, the news--managed, and on to the Englishman on holiday. As for the pleasures of the palate, they are improving from the old ""Gravy, sir. One lump or two?"".....This will have major promotion and exposure and a by no means conservative first printing--75,000. It's attractive social cartography and commentary with a quip or an offhand aside at the drop of a hat.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1967
Publisher: Stein & Day