LIVING WITH MUSIC by David Barnett


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The value of this material would be greater if its author could have shared his experiences as a teacher without making it read like a blurb for the school in Connecticut where he teaches. After all, his beliefs -- and his procedure -- are shared by many teachers the country over. He is a musician with strong and voluble feeling about his art, its place in the post-war world. He believes that every child has innate musical talent and should be taught through primary and secondary school to sing, compose, and play an instrument, just as he is taught languages and mathematics. He shows how the community is drawn into life, through the medium of an enriched and vital musical program. This book should prove a stimulus to parents who are struggling to make youngsters practice, and to teachers who see the importance of music in the school curriculum, but need to be pushed into putting theory into practice.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1944
Publisher: George W. Stewart