YOUNG JUDY by David & Barry Kehoe Dahl


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Like Judy, whose ""spirit demanded an encore,"" the books seem destined to go on and on (there is a fall production number to come). This one, once you get past the foolishness of the prose, equally bravely contends that ""no one"" has returned to the years of her childhood (perhaps Messrs. Dahl and Kehoe were unaware of the competition--Edwards and Frank). Anyway, they concentrate on the early years when Baby was daddy's girl and make much of this along with his homosexuality--and somewhat less of the conflict with her mother. Sometimes they forget they're only supposed to be writing about Young Judy and sashay forward to the tragic years ahead with almost a whole chapter full of memorial tributes. In any case most of the book is lifted from media articles and what we can now consider the lesser Garland bibliography--namely Mel Torme and Mickey Deans, thinking all the while that if Judy really was the ""food of millions"" (courtesy the New Yorker) this is at best tuna helper.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1975
Publisher: Mason/Charter