THE STRUGGLE WITHIN: Race Relations in the United States by David Bowen
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THE STRUGGLE WITHIN: Race Relations in the United States

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Certainly no problem in our society, barring the imminence of a world war, is so deeply-rooted or so complex or so immediate in our country as that of the Negro American. To have attempted a book for young people as comprehensive as this is admirable; so is the result. The author explores the history of the Negro in America from the first days of slavery (when not all Negroes were slaves) to the March, 1965, demonstrations in Selma, Alabama. Subsequent chapters deal with the legal, political, economic, scientific, ethical, and emotional (including sexual) dimensions of the color problem. Mr. Bowen has tried to present as many sides of the question as possible and to give an objective idea of the rationale behind each of them. But his bias is also clear; along with these explanations he tries to shed light on the fears and misconceptions that he believes underlie the conservative points-of-view. His final question is an ethical one: ""Is it right?"" Through dramatic examples and solid arguments the author is persuasive that it is not. Whatever the reader's bias, this is a book to be grateful for in a time when so many young people are identifying with, and seeking answers about, the struggle of the Negro American.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1965
Publisher: Norton