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I LOVE MY SMITH AND WESSON by David Bowker Kirkus Star


by David Bowker

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 2004
ISBN: 0-312-32825-7
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Success can’t disentangle a crime writer from his cool contract killer pal.

Having wiped out most of the Priesthood, the Manchester crime syndicate that threatened his childhood friend Billy Dye (The Death You Deserve, 2003), former contract killer Rawhead, né Steve Ellis, expects to be invited to hang out with Billy on a regular basis. Instead, Billy weds girlfriend Nikki, sets up house with their young daughter Maddy, and indicates ever so subtly that he’d like to move on and enjoy his success. Rawhead retaliates with a two-pronged plan, continuing the destruction of the Priesthood as he undermines Billy’s relationship with Nikki. Little Malc, the surviving son of Priesthood founder Malcolm Priest, is the syndicate’s nominal head, but shrewd, vicious Chef actually runs things. So Rawhead sets about endearing himself to both men while offing their underlings. Mistrusting Rawhead, Chef hires a sexy hit-woman known only as the Spirit to take him out. Meanwhile, when Billy’s screenplay about the Priesthood hits multiple snags at the network slated to produce it, he’s ordered to hole up in a hotel for massive rewrites. Getting wind of Billy’s movie-in-waiting, Chef takes action against the moguls producing it. And with Billy out of the picture, Rawhead accelerates his plan to seduce Nikki.

Superior crime fiction: vivid, original, edgy, and constantly surprising.