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A comprehensive guide to lotteries, detailing the origins of the games of chance, who plays, who wins, as well as a complete listing of all individual lotteries offered in the US and Canada. Adler, a writer and political consultant whose previous works include The Wit and Wisdom of Wall Street and The Home Buyers Guide, has compiled not a ""sure-fire guide to winning lotteries"" but useful explanations of the various games available and background for understanding terms and concepts unique to gambling in general and lotteries in particular. Refuted within Adler's book are many of the gimmicks used by would-be entrepreneurs who prey on the zeal of lottery players by offering aids and advisories supposedly designed to better one's chances of winning big. Adler reminds readers that their numbers stand as good a chance of winning as anyone else's. There are certain combinations that should be avoided, however, such as obvious sequences, popular dates et al.; they stand the same probability of winning, but the actual per-winner take is smaller due to the particulars of the parimutuel system. Though offering an excellent compilation of data and some realistic insights into the lottery world, The Lottery Book would be of most value to those players who travel and crave the opportunity to play the lottery in as many states as possible. If ""You Gotta be in it to Win it!"" is a personal credo, this one's for you.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1986
Publisher: Morrow