SKORPION'S DEATH by David Brierley


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New installment in Brierley's Cody series of thrillers about a female French free-lance agent trained by the CIA who has broken off to go out on her own. The nature of her job--as a kind of international private eye--is somewhat vague, but usually involves spies. In this shot Cody is hired by pregnant Ella Borries to find her missing husband, an ex-Lufthansa pilot whose new and mysterious flights keep him away from home much too much--and now he's really disappeared. Cody's fieldwork leads her back into a short-lived connection with the mysteriously named PDS, whose son was kidnapped for a half-million dollars but then murdered. Between them, Cody and PDS himself chopped down the killers. But now new killers have killed PDS before he can give Cody much of a lead on the missing pilot--except to say that the pilot's work smells of Arab oil money. In Tunisia, Cody finds herself suddenly involved with Skorpion, a terrorist outfit that has hijacked outmoded but still very viable atomic weapons and is about to threaten the West with holocaust. Before Skorpion's destruction, in a blast that nukes the terrorists with their own stolen horrors, Cody is subjected to a long, grueling Saharan crawl. . .Cody moves on a moody, emotional plane that will leave post-teenage readers rather cold. Her love affair with boyfriend Michel bogs down in Cody's being unable to reveal the nature of her work and explain her disappearances from Paris, which leads to jealous arguments based on easily explained but mistaken motives. A jealous lover is only one more sacrifice sigh-heavy Cody must make for her glamorous and ever-endangered ""other life.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1985
Publisher: Summit/Simon & Schuster