BIRD OF JOVE by David Bruce


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Odd, but even the hardiest admirer of falcons, hawks and other fierce soaring types might be turned off by Atalanta, a gorgeous Berkut eagle acquired with enormous difficulty and delay from the Tien Shan Mountains of the Kirghiz Republic. But then, she is in danger of being overshadowed by Sam Barnes, her owner and trainer, whose ""thin veneer of civilization can explode in violence and suddenly he is a primitive."" This is the story of how Sam rescued Atalanta from certain death by disease, eventually brought her to Wales, then England; he made the hills and busy dales ring with terrified whoop haloos as Atalanta speared terriers, poodles, cats and Sam's eyelid (a mistake on the part of both). For a knowledge of falconry return to Glasier's As the Falcon Her Bells (1963) and watch out. . . she's coming down again. . . .

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1970
Publisher: Putnam