EAVESDROPPING ON SPACE: The Quest of Radio Astronomy by David C. Knight

EAVESDROPPING ON SPACE: The Quest of Radio Astronomy

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An admirably clear, basic and straightforward introduction, beginning with a simple explanation of wave phenomena and proceeding to more than ordinarily personable summaries of the work of radio astronomy pioneers. With this for background, the descriptions of different types of radio telescopes can be better understood and appreciated. Similarly readable and to the point is the survey of solne of the discoveries of radio and radar astronomy, such as the baffling quasars, compact pulsars and incredibly dense black holes (you might call them collapsestars)--and the interstellar molecules, including organic ones, which offer a spot of encouragement for Cyclops, that other radio astronomy project undertaken to investigate the possibilities of interstellar communication.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1975
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Morrow