THE GLASS TOTEM by David Chandier


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The problem of the working women in a man's world makes the transition from executive suite to salon through the story of Elinor York, divorced when she comes to the secretarial post of Samuel Fortier, Sons. Inc., an old fashioned pharmaceutical house. President George Gamble taps her as his assistant, just before his death, which leaves the firm in the hands of a reformed prodigal playboy, Sammy Fortier, who has another affairs, but does her job well until she falls in love with aggressive Ralph Marsden, learns too late that he is a company spy for a competing firm, and that she's been used as well as had.... Big business (the drug industry too get its pep-up pills after World War II), sex, and monochromatic characters provide, popular entertainment, plasticoated for its ultimate reprint reappearance.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts