A LITTLE MORE TIME by David Chandler


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Paul Mather is at a dead end and unable to wheel around; he no longer waited- he had written some serious, successful war novels, gone on to Hollywood to do some second rate scripts; his marriage to a star, Joan Coulter, has no meaning- Joan has several lovers but is unwilling to release him; and he drinks too much to fill in the empty spaces. Prodded by the compulsion to kill Joan, to exercise his own futility, he fails, disappears, and then goes back to India which holds the memory of an Anglo-Indian doctor, Constance Douglas. He finds Constance again, now dedicated to a clinic for the poor- and she is now irretrievably beyond him. But in her example he finds the way to make the final break with Joan which will free him to find his own salvation... Another sore spirit- trammeled by the world's malaisc and trapped by his own failure, but his despair is glamorized and does not transcend for beyond a surface level.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1956
Publisher: John Day