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Redrawing the Blueprint of Life

by David Darling

Pub Date: June 1st, 1995
ISBN: 0-87518-614-9

An entry in the Beyond 2000 Series provides a thoughtful, comprehensible overview of the scientific possibilities and ethical issues involved in genetic engineering. Darling outlines the profound progress made in our understanding of genetics, beginning with the solution to the mystery of the genetic code of DNA. Its workings are explained in a coherent manner, with excellent illustrations that simplify complex concepts. The example of cystic fibrosis is used to explain the mechanics of inherited diseases as well as the ethics of genetic screening, amniocentesis, abortion, and gene therapy. The author points out that the question of who owns what in the world of genetic engineering is not clear-cut. A book with the information and perspective readers need to make future decisions about the important issues concerning the value of genetic engineering, and its costs. (further reading, glossary, diagrams, full-color and b&w photos) (Nonfiction. 10+)