THE STEEPER CLIFF by David Davidson
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A first novel which combines sharp physical and psychological drama in the story of one man's search for another- in whom he hopes to find the answer to his own integrity. Andrew Cooper, with the Military Government in Bavaria, seeking an anti-Nazi to head up a newspaper, is attracted by the legendary heroism of Adam Lorenz, Lorenz who had resisted Hitler until his internment in a concentration camp, his disappearance. Sensing an affinity with Lorenz, Cooper searches for him through his father, through his wife, Brigitte, with whom he falls in love and who confirms his certainty that Lorenz is his likeness. Recognizing in himself the fear, the cowardice that has haunted him since childhood, Cooper hopes to find absolution in Lorenz' courage, and is shocked emotionally as well as ideologically to learn that Lorenz has betrayed his cause, become an informer for the Gestapo. Finally, after jeopardizing his career, defying his superior, he meets Lorenz, is reconciled to himself as he realizes that if capable of cowardice, Lorenz is also equally capable of heroism... Against an authentic backdrop of the occupation, this is holding adventure with an appeal for both men and women.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1947
Publisher: Random House