THE GOLDEN FOOL by David Divine


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A tale of the Transvl relies more on action than character and returns to an earlier period and open country unspoiled as yet by its promise of gold. A young Englishman, Anthony Stopford, prospecting there, is seized by an illness which kills his partner and is saved by Lemaire- on whose land gold has been discovered. He agrees to stay on with Lmaire for six months-during which time Lemaire, a slowspoken, steadfast man, hopes to convert him to his belief that riches will also bring ruin. Stopford in the weeks which follow falls in love with Lemaire's daughter, Lisette. But Jonathan Lemaire, the second son, cannot forget the dream of gold, defies his father, arouses suspicion against Stopford who is left with no alternative except escape with Linette, and it is he who- to spare Lemaire- is forced to kill his son.....A nodding acquaintance with the countryside here- and with the sturdy simplicity of its farmers-fills in a few details for an otherwise undifferentiated drama.

Publisher: Macmillan