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HOW LOST WAS MY WEEKEND by David Dodge Kirkus Star



Pub Date: May 7th, 1948
Publisher: Random House

Further in the scapegrace, off center Central American experiences of the Dodges which takes up where How Green Was My Father left off, in Guatemala. Here are David, Elva and Kendal, losing a pretty long weekend ( a year and a half), no longer getting a runaround as turistas, and settling down with a house and domestic personnel. Frequently learned the hard way, there are incidents involving Kendal's sixth birthday and a Guatemalan gangfight, animal life- in the home, their fumbles- feet first- into social life, David's friend Kaye- a Typhoid Mary when it comes to accidents- who lands him in jail, takes him for a death ride on muleback; and some of the things they learn about marimbas, machetes, ferias and fiestas, bull and cockfights, bananas and coffee. Working hard to work up an angle for a mystery, David finally gets his book written but can't sell it to his agent- who doesn't go for Guatemala in mysteries, and the Dodges take off for Chile, presumably to be continued in his next... Again a fairly irresponsible itinerary of an engaging threesome, this is catchy, and a foregone conclusion for the market of the first which did very all right.