LOO LOO'S LEGACY by David Dodge


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Loo Loo's legacy, in trust, in an old boarding house --Dreamhaven -- which assistant bank officer, Charley, trying to administer the property, finds a nightmare of unmade beds and unpaid bills. In the interest of the next heirs, her lovely nieces Virginia and Ellic, he moves in there, while Loo Loo is in Florida at the racetrack. His attempt to restore order, financial and otherwise; to transfer Loo Loo's antiques into working capital; to promote Ellie's romance with one paying guest and prevent her marriage to another; and to acquire Virginia as his own, provide some brassy, bouncy moments ... Not always effortless, but effervescent and certainly likable.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1961
Publisher: Little, Brown