CARAMBOLA: A Novel of Pursuit by David Dodge
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CARAMBOLA: A Novel of Pursuit

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Holland, an engineer with a migratory career- after the few months of marriage to Marsha 18 years before in Peru, discovers the daughter of that marriage- Micaela- on a beach in Cannes, finds Marsha married again (or so she thinks) to Magill, an ""importer"", now in hiding in Spain after a justified murder. In the hopes of getting Marsha- and Micaela, back, and to free Micaela from any obligation to Carlos, an arrogant hidalgo who has promised to get Magill out of Spain, Holland goes after Magill- finds him in hiding in the Barcelona Barrlo, buys his passage to freedom. But the initial plan for a getaway is fouled up; they reach Andorra and the protection of a Baron's house where Magill almost dies; Carlos too pursues them and proves that ""a Spaniard.. is the worst enemy a man can have""; and finally there is the dangerous crossing of the High Corniche before Magill's safety is assured and Holland gets his answer.... A fresh use of that Household fixture- the manhunt- this traffics in human contraband, tangles its loyalties and provides a sleek entertainment.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1961
Publisher: Little, Brown