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THE CRAZY GLASSPECKER by David Dodge Kirkus Star



Publisher: Random House

Further (How Lost Was My Weekend, etc.) in the precarious, quixotic, offbeat experiences of the Dodges- David, Elva, and Kendall- seven, in South America, when- insolvent again- they find themselves in Arequipa, Peru. A bargain-basement Garden of Allah, Arequipa is fabulously cheap, the Dodges settle down to build up a backlog in a house with no furniture except apple boxes- and a crazy glasspecker. Against a backdrop of the glory that once was the Inca civilization, there is the poverty and ignorance of the natives, the aridity of the land. And for the Dodges, there is a fairly strenuous initiation into carnival, a fiesta at La Paz, coca chewing in the mines, a trip down the Amazon, earthquakes and revolutions, and the almost daily deadend in red tape... A fast and funny account which takes on a new territory with all the old bounce of its predecessors.