BUDSPY by David Dvorkin


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An American-Jewish federal policeman travels to a never-divided Berlin to catch a spy in the American embassy--and gets to peek behind the scenes of the supremely successful Third Reich in 1988. It's a very nasty view. What if, in 1943, the Allies and Germany were able to come to terms following the death of Adolf Hitler on the Eastern Front? According to this agreeably alarming thriller, we would now be living in a rather sleazy US, a country where serious law enforcement rests in the hands of Budspies such as Chic Western. Budspies are highly trained killers sent to sniff out political and bureaucratic corruption and wrongdoing and deal with it on the spot. No mucking about with sniveling courts and chicken-hearted judges. And Germany--Germany would be the fulfillment of all the Nazi dreams, her industries the most powerful, her citizens the blondest. And all of Albert Speers' architectural dreams would come to pass. Himmel! But for Budspy Western, Germany is a bit much. Working alongside the Gesipo (successors to the Gestapo), Western is sucked into their super-sexed world until he is so exhausted he can barely see. And even as the insatiable Gesipo agents have their hooks in him, Western becomes involved with an equally hungry though far less skilled employee of the embassy, a woman who turns out to have ties to the antifascist German underworld. The supposedly heartless Budspy's loyalties are put to the most severe test when the good bad guys and the bad good guys drag him into a shootout in an effluvial waterway six hundred feet below Berlin. A ""what if"" that works. Budspy is smart, fast, and mean without ever dipping into hokey or otherwise distracting futurisms.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1987
ISBN: 0000895105
Publisher: Watts