GOOD DIRT: Confessions of a Conservationist by David E. Morine

GOOD DIRT: Confessions of a Conservationist

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Conservation executive Morine's title here could refer to the land he acquired for preservation in his 16 years as vice president of The Nature Conservancy, to the insider ""confessions"" his subtitle promises (don't expect any revelations), or to the off-color elements--such as his locker-room joke that bombed at dinner with a Russian visitor--that often constitute the humor and the point of these mildly self-mocking anecdotes about his misses and mishaps in nailing down the land and the money for it. One of the stories, about a braggart bared (at least down to his red bikini), ends with a similar pun on the word ""endowed."" And when Morine isn't chuckling over negotiating a grant with an embarrassingly nude heiress or ""fudging my undies"" on a plane trip, he's relating other men's-clubbish tales of deals made or lost on his ability to handle a snake, a raft, a fishing rod, or a duck-hunting challenge. Morine is a capable storyteller and no doubt agreeable company at reunions and other get-togethers. As a book for a wider, impersonal audience, though, his good-humored reminiscences make for flimsy reading.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1990
ISBN: 0345381475
Publisher: Globe Pequot