WE ELECT A PRESIDENT by David E. Weingast
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The smooth interjection of anecdote and current events in the political arena add reality and scope to a superior discourse on the American Presidency. What type of candidate is really eligible for this high office? How has the American leader image evolved? What of party conventions? An inside look at their complicated machinations leads one to understand that noise and confusion are the by-products of democracy in action. Then on to the intricacies of a presidential campaign, the involved duties of the electoral college and the President's first steps in organizing his administration. The recent campaign and the Kennedy administration provide the basis for most of this discussion, giving the reader an astute analysis of recent politics as well as a concise overview of the machinery involved in attaining the highest office in the land. There is nothing abstract here -- all is concrete, alive and highly recommended for young citizens.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1962
Publisher: Messner