MY LIFE WITH EDGAR CAYCE by David E. & Will Oursler Kahn


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Whereas Jess Steam had very little new to contribute to the story of Edgar Cayce (1967), Mr. Kahn (in collaboration with Mr. Oursler and a friendly tape recorder) does since he was ""closer"" to Cayce ""than any other human being"" (Cayce's wife may not like that) and knew him since he was a boy of 15. At that time in Lexington, Kentucky, Kahn took down Cayce's reading on a crippled neighbor. From that time on Cayce did readings of Kahn which were directly instrumental in guiding him in his ultimately very successful business career (culminating with his takeover of Brunswick Radio). Kahn followed Cayce's ""forces"" faithfully. Then of course throughout there are the miracle cures -- whether Cayce's own wife or the mentally ill woman who only needed a wisdom tooth extraction. And Cayce's long insolvency and attempts to raise money for his hospital and cause -- ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment). After Kahn's death, Mrs. Kahn records the manifestation of his spirit when her washing machine jiggled all over the cellar (something GE could never clarify for one of us). And nothing is said about that California earthquake everyone awaited breathlessly this spring... Still it offers new marginalia and since Cayce had a recurrent dream in which he saw himself ""as a tiny dot,"" rest assured -- there will be many to follow the dots.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday