REDISCOVERIES by David -- Ed. Madden


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Of the thirty works of fiction discussed here by other writers, seventeen are reported as out of print and there are some predictable expressions of regret at the fate of works long on art, short on life. Robert Penn Warren provides a personal, gusty introduction to Andrew Lytle's The Long Night (""He never 'describes' the world, he is merely aware of it""); Jane Mayhall admires the audacious brilliance of Gertrude Stein's Things As They Are (""It may not be possible that people be viewed us essences. But Stein. . . comes very close to that effect""); and Warren Eyster, after clearing away contending and greater writers concerned with men and war, considers Humphrey Cobb's Paths of Glory (""Cob haled war to a degree that makes. . . current anti-Vietnam talk a mere kindergarten protest""). Among the other literary commentators there's Wallace Stegner on Glenway Wescott, Joyce Carol Oates on Harriette Arnow, and Walker Percy on Walter M. Miller's A Canticle Jot Leibowitz. Some foreign authors are analyzed: Boris Pilnyak by Harvey Swados; Wolfgang Borchert by Kay Boyle: Ramon Sender and Jean Giono by George P. Elliott who is one of the few to provide current critical schema. Nine of these have had previous magazine publication and the editor provides a lengthy listing of other potential candidates along with an introduction. All in all, a pleasing variety of tastes and stances with a minimum of professional quid pro quos, comprising an attractive guide to forgotten shelves in libraries or emporiums.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1971
Publisher: Crown