SIGHT AND SOUND: A Fiftieth Anniversary Selection by David--Ed. Wilson

SIGHT AND SOUND: A Fiftieth Anniversary Selection

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43 articles from Sight and Sound--the venerable, unswervingly serious, and often influential film journal, the official publication of the British Film Institute. From the '30s and '40s: an introduction to sound-film technique by John Grierson, a survey of '36 films by Alistair Cooke, Hitchcock on Hitchcock, Eisenstein on Chaplin, Raymond Chandler on ""Oscar Night in Hollywood"" (a ram focus for early, anti-Hollywood S&S). But the real, eclectic voice of S&S starts coming through in the '50s--with Kenneth Tynan on W. C. Fields, James Agee superb on Sunset Boulevard, Tony Richardson on The Seven Samurai, and a memoir by Styajit Ray. And by the Seventies the mix between interest in international (Bergman, Bertolucci) and Hollywood (John Pym's wry attack-cum-appreciation of the Spielberg oeuvre) seems in firm balance, if often a trifle eccentric in critical judgments. With Wilson's stylish introduction: a must for serious film-watchers--unless they've saved all their back issues for the past five decades.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1982
Publisher: Faber & Faber (39 Thompson St., Winchester, MA 01890)