PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION by David Elton Trueblood
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Dr. Trueblood, professor of philosophy at Kariham College, offers this book as his magnum opus, a serious and profound attempt to develop and expound the essentials of a philosophy which will enable men and women of this century to be both intellectually honest and sincerely devout. It is the distillation and organization of the wisdom he has found in 30 years' teaching of philosophy. Many readers are already gratefully familiar with some of Dr. Trueblood's earlier and slighter books, among them The Life We Prize, Predicament of Modern Man, Alternative to Futility. This latest and major effort will make it abundantly clear why the more popular books made such a deep impression. They were based on sure scholarship, strong convictions, and a respect for all truth which makes this present volume not a collection of private speculation but a source book of the best thinking in this field from the days of Ancient Greece down to the leading thinkers of our own day. Every thinking clergyman and layman willing to think while he reads should own and digest this very important book.

Publisher: Harper