MR. NICHOLAS by David Ely


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Ever since Seconds, his first and best book, Mr. Ely has been converting catchy ideas into fables of the individual trapped in society in one form or another and trying to get away from it -- or is it himself?. His latest in a series of misfits, patsies, or drop-outs, is the most likable Henry Haddock (unattached but still everyone does like him) who is selected to be the victim of corporate big brotherhood when he becomes the president of an electronics firm and he also becomes convinced that someone is watching him at all times. Perhaps the former president Mr. Nicholas. More and more jumpy, it doesn't take long before he is totally immobilized at his desk. For a while his confidence returns and he becomes disgustingly officious. He even installs a device to monitor others -- another shackle. There are some amusing touches (the chauffeur who reads lips) but they don't quite add up to a story for the active reader -- this is just a tensile contemporary stretcher designed to make you stop, look -- over your shoulder, and perhaps think.

Pub Date: July 11th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam