TROT by David Ely


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A suspense story of considerable originality -- and a first novel from a young writer of short stories this traces the tortuous course of a chase that involves a sergeant known as Trot, who is assigned to an unpalatable role in the CID -- the arrest of Malley, his associate and friend with whom he is on leave in Paris. Trot, losing his quarry, is subject to suspicion and hostility and virtual ""third degree"" treatment from his accuser, and he strikes and thinks he has killed- the staff sargeant who is to follow through on the for Malley. Trot deserts- partly to save his hide, partly to finish his mission. And the balance of the story is the intricate course of this dual self -assignment. He finds Malley, in Paris- and becomes in turn a prisoner of the gang Malley is working with and a stoogs for Malley. He attempts to play a dual role, to substitute another achievement the running down of a suspicious blackmail case -- and ends by winning full credit for more than he bargained on, cancellation of all charges against him, carte on a future spot in the CID -- and somewhat reluctant agreement to his request for a discharge. One suspects that Trot will reappear in another hairbreadth adventure.

Publisher: Pantheon