SECONDS by David Ely


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Somewhere between a suspense special and a philosophical poser, which also offers a certain commentary on values, face and otherwise, this tells of Wilson, a middle aged, middle class banker who, at the insistence of an old (dead) friend, consults an arcane, anonymous organization. He is now given the opportunity to die and live again. Extensive surgery provides him with a new appearance and identity, that of a painter with a rather saturnine persona. But he is unable to live up to t, uneasy with other reborns, unadjusted in his new life. Visits to his daughter, to his wife, confirm the fact that he hasn't been missed at all. And finally, he returns to the organization, to This is a catchy, come-on situation, with ice touches of the macabre and the extraordinary which a subtler writer could have implemented even more effectively..... Strong publisher expectations.

Publisher: Pantheon