TIN WOODMAN by David F. & Dennis R. Bailey Bishcoff


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Tin Woodman,"" a strange and apparently sentient object discovered by the starship Pegasus in the vicinity of Aldebaran, defeats all efforts at communication until the arrival of Div Harlthor, a powerful telepathic ""Talent."" Achieving nearly instant symbiotic union, Div and Tin elope to another continuum while the ship's commander, a snarling megalomaniac with even more than the usual ""Normal's"" hatred of Talents, gives unauthorized chase, provoking the crew to mutiny. This might have been the makings of a decent story. But Bishcoff and Bailey fumble it all in a haze of execrable prose (""There was a melding of spiritual juices that felt like tongues of cool fire licking at her soul""), see-through characters, and vapid parrotings of scientific terms.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday