SEX AND MAGIC by David Farren


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In spite of the bell-book-and-water-bed title, this is a patiently studious and unpretentious corollary to the author's Living with Magic (1974) in which he further explores the concept of magic as ""a fully legitimate category of human experience, a manner of seeing the world poetically and working with what is seen to bring about certain physical or psychological effects."" Magic and witchcraft in this sense are not merely mechanical techniques but explorative journeys--via anything from ancient ritual to Jungian speculation--beyond the familiar. Farren reviews concepts and practices from biblical myth, sex and witchcraft cults old and recent, the use of spells and symbols (there's an instructive session with the I Ching), and adds a survey of theories of consciousness. Sexuality, he says, is an opportunity to realize psychological wholeness via the complementary ""rhythms"" of archetypical male and female polarities. Through the heightened awareness provided by a true understanding of the properties of magic, sex may offer an awakened spirituality and even point toward evolutionary cosmic purpose. The author's wife, whom he solemnly honors with the title of ""witch"" supplies a few strenuous rituals for seduction and lovemaking which serve as divertissements in this attempt to put a hex into cooing.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster