THE CORPORATE CONSCIENCE: Money, Power and Responsible Business by David Freudberg

THE CORPORATE CONSCIENCE: Money, Power and Responsible Business

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In a timely response to a key concern of Corporate America, the author utilizes a series of transcribed interviews (originally aired on National Public Radio during 1984) to present some socially conscious corporate management responses. ""Is it possible to do well in business and still be socially responsible?"" Freudberg asks leaders from such stellar performers as Hewlett-Packard, Dayton-Hudson and Pillsbury, among others. Citing research which asserts that socially conscious corporations are more often than not enjoying greater profitability than their not-so-beneficient fellows in the struggle, the author strives to clarify not only the means of socially responsible business practices, but the values behind corporate decision-making. Throughout the 20-odd interviews appearing here, there are recurring patterns of responsible corporate performance, such as: responsible advertising (sans sex): selective work-force-conscious contracts designed with employment continuity as the critical factor; and ""lesser of evils""type decision-making on any moral questions which arise. Freudberg also introduces a six-point corporate conscience checklist adopted by many of the companies. While the topics covered are important ones, the author regrettably omits some of the most compelling issues of the day. Conspicuously absent are any briefs on such complex questions as military production, conscientious investing, and doing business with the Republic of South Africa. Searching for human responsibility in the profit-making formula can be a trying prospect, yet within the limited scope of Freudberg's parameters, he has done an admirable job. Anyone interested in learning how socially and morally aware corporate executives view their responsibilities will find this to be a ready reference, done in clear and candid style.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1986
Publisher: Amacon