THE WORLD WAS MY GARDEN by David G. Fairchild
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Personally, I found this if anything more fascinating reading than Heiser's American Doctor's Odyssey, and that in spite of the fact that one gets less of the charm of the man behind the words, David G. Fairchild has contributed more than any other one person to the expansion of knowledge of plant life the world over and the practical application of that knowledge to richer living in the United States. This is his personal story of his experiences, traveling endlessly, absorbing information about plant life and sending back cuttings to experiment with here, investigating plant disease, and so on. His training and experiences in European laboratories and his travels brought him into contact with most of the people in his own field, and this narrative is full of human interest material, and anecdote. Grand reading, for anyone remotely interested in the subject.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1938
Publisher: Scribner