DOWN TO EARTH: Mapping for Everybody by David Greenhood

DOWN TO EARTH: Mapping for Everybody

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A fascinating book for anyone seriously interested in --excited by maps. Perhaps you just like to study maps -- and never has there been more opportunity or more importance. Perhaps you would like to make maps. Perhaps you want to collect maps. For each and everyone of you, this book has something to offer. It is not a primer of maps -- far from it. It demands a scientific approach, an honest interest in the technical aspects. There is plenty of background material -- interesting anecdotal bits, interesting historical and biographical bits, interesting items to stump the experts. But if you are going to master the subject, the scientific step by step process is there, technical terminology, basic factors, matters of scale, measurement, direction, relief, projections, etc. Modes of construction form the basis for the section on projections (but for reference, they are indexed according to utility). The major part of the book is devoted to the interpreting and applying of maps; the last third is given to making of maps -- tools for the hobby -- collecting maps -- sources of inforion -- reference -- bibliography. The book is an excellent introduction to the subject for anyone from 15 up.

Publisher: Holiday House