STATE IN THE MAKING by David Horowitz


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This story of the three years (1945-1948) of diplomatic negotiations which led to the formation of the new state of Israel is written by an Israeli representative during the drawn- out Anglo-American inquiry sessions at Lake Success, London and Washington. His book is an expansion of careful notes, and though a fervent patriot, Mr. Horowitz is also an observer of poetic sensitivity as well as a shrewd and worldly judge of people. Starting with the Election of the Labor Government in England, this starts with the great disappointment when this government did not invalidate the White Paper which limited Jewish immigration to a dribble. It tells of the official Jewish resistance to England and the embarassment caused to this ""state in the making"" by unofficial acts of terrorism. It is a reasonable book which attempts to see all sides of the question and evaluates the period in its full historic context. And although not for a general public, it has its meaning for American Jewry as well as its value for reference.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1953
Publisher: Knopf