H"" IS FOR HEROIN by David Hulburd


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The file on Amy Burton of Coast City, California, which- in her own words- provides a precis of teen-age addiction which has aroused wide interest- and indignation- in its recent press spotlighting. It's a typical- but tawdry- town, Coast City, for the ""tourist with the bright blue slacks and the wife to match"",- for youngsters, bumming on the beach and in the beer parlors, but not much different from any city as a natural habitat for adolescents at loose ends. And Amy Burton, a ""little square tagging along with the crowd (""squares"" are just ""drugs"", dull types) learns to blow up a joint"" and blows up joints for more that a year until she ""ever fixed"". Fixed is jolting, you know, taking a shot of H in the main line. Like I said, ""H is heroin"". It's a sad, shabby record- of parental supervision which was not indifferent but lessened by hours away from home and at work; of the complete dependence on drugs in which she was joined by Eddy- whom she married; and of a youth which burnt out with a spoon, a medicine dropper, and a cap of heroin and ended behind bars....A clean, sharp reporting job by David Hulburd- who may be remembered for and as a former Time staffer.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1952
Publisher: Doubleday