THE REFRIGERATOR: And How It Works by David Inglis Urquhart


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True, Aylesworth's It Works Like This (1968) contains, for slightly older children, a satisfactory explanation of refrigerators along with more than 30 other machines and devices, all for $2.95. True too, much of this is padding -- an historical survey of food preservation by salting, smoking and drying; a few tangential tidbits (""our word salary comes from the Latin word that means salt money""); a look at food storage cellars and ice boxes; and a closing review of air conditioners (also covered by Aylesworth). It must be admitted though that Urquhart is so explicit and basic, even to the distinction between solids, liquids and gases (preliminary to describing the refrigerator's process of gas condensation) that no third grader who really wants to know how the appliance works can finish the book without real understanding. The only question, then, would be why these 43 profusely illustrated pages, and Urquhart's forthcoming reports on central heating, the bicycle and plumbing, are to be published separately at $4.50 each.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1972
Publisher: Walck