EDUCATION FOR RENEWAL by David J. Ernsberger


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The author begins with the strong accusation that the ""prevailing pattern of adult education in the church today is essentially irrelevant to the true mission of the church."" It is, indeed, a ""repudiation of mission,"" aimed mainly at preserving the church as an institution. Theological and Biblical literacy are no guarantee that the laity can function in their secular ministries. This attack raises expectations that the author will then proceed to offer an adequate philosophy and program of adult education in the church that will overcome these present failures. Unfortunately, these expectations are disappointed. He has much to say about various experimental ventures in church renewal and their educational implications. But these are not brought together in a consistent, thorough-going design. Nevertheless, the book may serve as stimulation for professional church educators and for lay people concerned with the problems the author attacks.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1965
Publisher: Westminster