MITHS AND MANEATER by David K. Webster


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This is the first of two books on sharks (a title on the Chilton list will follow later in the season) and the myths and legends which have grown up around them. It is shorter, less detailed, and more sensitively written than William Young's Shadows in The Sea which is to come. Man's fear of man-eating sharks, sharks as occult beings in mythology, their commercial use, specific instances of their attacks on humans- all these areas of terrifying fact and speculation are discussed, along with specific descriptions of various types and simple line drawings, for identification. How to avoid or even prevent shark attacks (although there seems to be no set formula), and what has been developed recently by way of repellents, will be of special interest to skin divers and deep sea fishermen. Webster views the shark as a symbol of the terrible power of the sea, and this was tragically confirmed when he lost his life on a last shark hunt.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1963
Publisher: Norton