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A comic approach to man's delusions about fundamental things encircles the changes in young Julius Schapiro's life which, for the last five years, has been uneventful in the offices of Pollack Productions where, when not reading play manuscripts, he tries to write the songs he dreams of. When he picks up Daphne Leydecker and is introduced to her father he becomes involved with the Truth Seekers, comes under police surveillance when the group is investigated, and is sent hurrying to California with Daphne when the Truth Seekers decide to disperse and relocate. In high exaggeration are -- Julius' mother, ""....not a mother. She's a growth.""; Pollack's jaundiced secretary Evelyn who tries to wake up the ""sleepwalkers""; the F.B.I. officer Hanrahan who knows the secret of the Truth Seekers but cannot persuade Evelyn to marry him; the ""head hunters"" trying to make a buck, - Cohen and Douglas; the would-be playwrights invading Pollack's office. A potpourri, this makes its points wildly, and its over-magnification of the American dream world has its moments of satirical farce. A new departure for the author of One, All Honorable Men, The v of the Monkey, etc.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1960
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace