THE GOOD OLD DAYS by David L. Cohn
Kirkus Star


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I found this fascinating entertainment -- it is one of those trick books that may go. The Sears Roebuck Catalogue is the push-button which enables Cohn to trace the ""moral and cultural zigzag of recalling just what domestic and cultural gadgets we have used in the past fifty years."" The Nation's Wishbook is virtually a diary of the times, but far more than that as it chronicles the change in American life, economically, socially and so on. Cohn takes up certain articles and traces them through three decades (1915 to 1935), -- music, books, travel, clocks, medicine, tombstones, gardens. Part II -- for the ladies, anything from typewriters to cosmetics, from underwear to contraceptives. Part III -- for the men, includes firearms, sportswear, furnishings, tools and agricultural machinery. This may serve as a brief topical indication for a book which is an economic and social barometer, showing how American life has evolved through its needs. Information delightfully dished out. It is the sort of book that should be ideally fitted to the S & S system! The Sinclair Lewis preface may serve as an added impetus to immediate sales.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1940
Publisher: Simon & Schuster