WHEN COWS COME HOME by David L. Harrison


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The author of Somebody Catch My Homework (1990) brings his skillful versifying to a slight, silly tale about a herd of cows straying from their homeward way at day's end (""But if Farmer looks/The other way,/Cows take off/On a holiday!/You never saw/Such cow horseplay..."" Whimsically depicted in airily limned illustrations splashed with sunset-hued watercolors, the errant cows trip a light fantastic while they play tag, square dance, and ""hitch their bikes/To Farmer's sleigh/To pull their babies/As they play."" They're about to escape out the gate when they spy Farmer and suddenly ""head for home/In a cowlike way"" after all. Presuming that the cows are surrogates for rambunctious children who really do come home eventually, the story works well enough; but the escapade is less apt, and not as funny, without a stronger parallel to real cows (who need to be milked when it's time). Still, the merry rhyming and the illustrations' blithe abandon may make this an effective storytime diversion.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1994
ISBN: 1563979462
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Boyds Mills