TVA: Democracy on the March by David Lilienthal

TVA: Democracy on the March

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As one of the administrators from the start and more recently as Chairman of the TVA, Lilienthal writes eloquently of that achievement of democracy and science, of the people-for the people-by the people. The harnessing of the river and the conversion of its power to electricity; the restoration of the soil and of natural resources; the rise and development of industry; the interlinking cooperation which made a corporate unit in which each man participated, and from which each profited; the question of ""politics"" -- of overcentralization in Washington, followed by the attempt to decentralise it on a regional basis; the cultural and educational advantages and finally TVA as a model for the future in world reconstruction. Full tribute to the ideals, the reality, and the people who made it possible. The chief value of a book such as this today is that TVA stands for a model of what government intervention and economic planning can -- at its best -- achieve.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1944
Publisher: Harper