HOUSEBREAKER by David Linzee


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Megan Lofting, a probate paralegal at a Stamford, Conn. law firm, is happy in her semi-secret affair with boss Paul Wyler--even if they have to keep things formal and detached at the office. Then, however, Megan's world is shattered: a small but serious mistake has been made in a will; Megan, thanks in part to her own naivetÉ, is made the scapegoat, losing her job; Paul fails to stand up for her. So, angry and poor and alone, Megan is all too susceptible when a Manhattan acquaintance makes a surprising proposition: if Megan will supply some insider details (from her old job) on the wealthy Elkin family (e.g., when the house will be empty), she'll share in the loot from a nice, tidy little robbery! Things don't actually go that smoothly, of course The robbery is bungled, rich widow Mrs. Elkin is killed, and Megan winds up miserably revolved in the aftermath-helping the violent thief to escape, covering up her own involvement as the police close in. But finally, when Megan realizes how much of a pawn she has really been in this felony-murder, she's ready to turn herself in--once, that is, she has tracked down the real villain in a search/chase through rough N.Y.C. neighborhoods. Very slight and more than slightly implausible--but a neat, cynical little entertainment nonetheless, featuring a mostly sympathetic culprit/victim, from the author of Discretion and Death in Connecticut.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1987
Publisher: Dutton