TRY FOR ELEGANCE by David Loovis


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Paul Dunas, who is close to thirty, sells ties in a Madison Avenue store- though he plans to get back to his painting; unattached, he has been married once, and is calculatingly chary of becoming involved again; coolly, he eases into an affair with Lee Kroner, a bright young thing, during the spring, and thinks it has reached the perfect ending when Lee goes off to Provincetown for the summer. Missing her, more than he had suspected, he persuades her to come back- but is not quite ready to find the apartment which will take care of both of them; nor is he really ready to accept the diminishing part he plays in her life, as Lee finds her own place, new friends. Pricked by warranted suspicions and lascivious fantasies- his final attempt to regain what he knows he has lost ends in a self-abasing and debasing scene.... One of those scuffed spirits, diffident, and difficult, gives a personal cachet to a first novel which while acute, is also self-absorbed and inasmuch limited in its attraction.

Pub Date: July 13th, 1959
Publisher: Scribner