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HYDE AND SHRIEK by David Lubar


From the Monsterrific Tales series, volume 1

by David Lubar

Age Range: 8 - 12

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7653-3081-9
Publisher: Starscape/Tom Doherty

The kids at Washington Irving Elementary School are about to find out their hometown of Lewington is a monster magnet.

Miss Jackie Jean Clevis loves kids and her job teaching science to all grades at Washington Irving Elementary, and she may well be the student body's favorite teacher. One morning, she accidentally mixes the chemicals for the day's experiments with her banana-honey-yogurt breakfast drink, with mind- (and body-) altering consequences. When she's around mean people, she morphs into sadistic Ms. Hyde, and when she's around the nice, she becomes sweet sixth-grade student Jackie. Can Miss Clevis reintegrate with the help of new sixth-grade friends? Or is she doomed to yo-yo forever...or worse, be stuck as Ms. Hyde? Lubar kicks off his six-book series of kids-as-monsters tales with an uncomplicated meditation on good vs. evil that riffs on Jekyll and Hyde. As long as readers don't question how Jackie/Ms. Hyde's clothes are also magically altered by ingested chemicals, they’ll likely enjoy this, particularly if they liked the Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, which this resembles, down to Bermudez’s occasional illustrations. Fans of Lubar’s Nathan Abercrombie zombie series will find much to like here too.

Ever-so-slightly creepy monster fun. (Horror. 8-12)